Sense of Scenery

'The Daily Ritual'

'The Daily Ritual'


I used to be able to communicate quite clearly

I'd tap into that darkside without much fuss

It left me satisfied and smug that I had purged those grievances

And there it was, left for someone else to read

Or ignore

It didn't much matter either way;

It was no longer my problem

And then you stop visiting the darkside

It no longer served a purpose

The years pass by and you realise it never had one to begin with

Albeit, this conclusion comes on slowly

As you age and mellow

Or so you tell yourself


The neighborhood wakes up for its morning routine

The birds have not yet awoke

Monsters moan in the distance on the highway

All bent out of proportion and vibrating towards eventual destruction

Love makes fools of us all

Leading us down paths to softly fall asleep

I think the greatest filthy lesson

Is the unfortunate misunderstanding

That anything has changed

Even as the darkside gave way to the birth of light