Sense of Scenery

Sights and Sounds of July, August and Whatever's Beyond



‘The Deserving Right of Anyone’


I was once a baby boy

And everything was brand new

Does splay strands for mother spider

All drenched within the dew

Where a grace would come before me

In mother’s protective arms

And warmth would hold me in her

All safe from any harm

There in eternal micro seconds

A passing in these dreams

Shores broken for their passage

A delicate newborn cream

And I was once this baby boy

The joy within a pair

The gift bestowed upon them

Adrift upon the air

With lines that connect formations

In patterns in the sand

In rings that spiral centre

A new member of the clan

And no matter who you are is wrong

And you can be what you are

There is absolutely no wrong answer

There is absolutely nothing to fear

You are this peaceful shelter

You, our golden dawn

Life would have no meaning

Without the come and gone

As babies grow their wonder

Through honeycombs and glue

A shell of wax behind them

All broken and askew

This growth gives names to monsters

This growth is now an art

To navigate the elbows

Of our drifting limbs to part

Like fractals multiplying in membranes

A rigor for the cue

To learn your beautiful language

To saturate within the hue

Where ends begin and end

I’ve spent a life here thus far

But I hope to never forget

What we really are

I was once a delicate baby boy

My mother’s brown, curly hair

The scent upon my father’s blue shirt

I was once never even there



‘Through the Green/*/Red Light’


And you knew there would be no return

To the comfort of the home sweet home, cracked window breeze

And you knew there would be no coming back

To the uniformed vistas of endless opportunities

Within and without your skin

Lays heavy upon mind

Everything is vanilla

Everything is wine

Relations have a unique method of destruction

For what has integrated itself into molecular convolutions

Such tiny structures like the skeletal woodwork of newborn chickens

I am surely in awe to admire

The mouth is always dry in this virgin dissemblance

I hope to never try to control too much of my cowardice

And then the floor drops out

And you’re suspended, naked, pronounced and called upon

For a few moments, there you hover, entranced

Everything is alive

Everything quivers at undeniable speeds

I’m working my way within the outskirts of you

But I can’t promise a sequence of trespass

For there are no visions to calculate

The great mysteries of you

The foot steps on pavement

In the direction of my greed

The absolute power of you

I’m found out

The heel clicks, onward rhythmic moon

From behind the clouds

In the side view reflection

You made your complete impression

Enough to leave a mark

And as I wipe the blood from my brow

I shake in the face of your love

Here is the indescribable power of this moment

You shake in the aftermath of whatever briefly recognized you



‘Disfigurines’ (First Draft)


It’s a stylish hell for Jezebel

Where everything always blooms in light

Frosted frames for your dirty face

Behind closet doors and vaulted wombs of pride

What do you want to say?

What do need from me?

What do you want me to say?

Is this enough for you?

Disfigured for life

It’s thirteen bells where the children pray

You’re ashamed, you should be ashamed

Close the good book on the black machine

It burns the elegance from beneath the eyes of hate

What do you want to say?

What do need from me?

What do you want me to say?

Is this enough for you?

Disfigured for life...

You don’t have the right

To paint me with your pain




‘Plexiglas’ (First Draft)


Where the key to the lock

Would evolve to the latch


Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

With the fear in your eyes

Sent alarms through the night


Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

Now, I’m not the same

And I know you’re not ashamed

But, c’mon

Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

And I know I say these words

But there’s lie between the tones


You’re the only one

This is as cruel as the sun

As we light up the past

As she parts her soft lips

The bled divisions of the sand

This is as cruel as the sun

That flows upon her skin

In illuminated waves

Bring me back to life

Where the teeth of the key

Would engrave itself to me


Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

On the arc, on the curve

In these fragments of

crystalline rinds


Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

I am the whore, I’m the vain

You are the mindless driving rain


Here is your end

(You’re the only one)

Against the glass and the glands

In through doors, and out of holes


You’re the only one