Sense of Scenery

'Like Glass'

‘Like Glass’


There are those nights of great rain

In some grand city

A rain that distorts time

For it’s impossible to be perfect in the rain

No matter who you are

And this bothers some folk,

Though they won’t know how to express it

Brave grins

They cringe

This city

A city you can never leave for you’re lost in it

Swallowed in the delusional neon stream

Great networks that whir

This spun yarn, unravelled in time

It reveals grand-city secrets if you place the hand

And the words rise like brands in skin

But these answers are riddled; encoded with calypso and marble

We are born together, and if you were to try and speak it to another

They just wouldn’t really understand

It’s like glass

These black shimmering pools,

They dance with life and light

You break with the eternal struggle:

Am I a completely emotionless fuckhead?

This deranged pursuit of satisfaction

The guilt pasted on the faces of numb patrons

Sheltering one another with each other’s own unique illusion

Unequivocally charmed by the kiss of python mother

Hacked to ecstatic pieces by the thunder of drunk father

We all embrace in the memory

And there we hang in stop-motion

Destined to repeat this dance again, and again, and again

To this exit of the end of the night

To the hard cacophonies of rain

These gargoyles of New York City

To brave the amber light, there are tilts to the driven water

To fall hard on the heads of men

Who stare drunk to the glass reflection of themselves

In these black eyes; collections of gravity

To stare directly back at oneself

Those behind you chase taxis to oblivion

For all you know, they’re off to another world

you vomit to the earth

And in this moment your reflection is shattered

Release, release, release;

all is once again

A blur