Sense of Scenery

Divine Intervention



Yes, I have been listening to a lot of Diana Ross.  I love the sound of that old drum/room sound.  You see, they would record the drums and whole rhythm section as one complete entity, and not independent from each other.  I feel as though the two were felt to be unconsciously united, and naturally, they were treated as one.  Instead of 20+ tiny seperate, specialty mics, you would probably have 3 or 4 room mics giving that flavour of a natural, more human room sound.  I would suppose you add a little reverb to the drums, and although you have a subdued impression of the drummer, it would sound as though the drums were fitted to the bass, which I assume to be of the stand-up variety.  You combine that with a piano, and you have a fully formed rhythm section, plugging into that 'wood' sound.  Where is that 'Be My Little Baby' connection, where one would instantanously feel a connection with the music, envoking a true feeling of love-loss or making you want to fall in love the instant you heard those words, across the chambers and residual heat in some darkened twilight on a magical summer's night?  I would love to meld the two sounds to meet in the middle somehow.  But after-all, you can never reproduce history; and even if you try, you're just simply counterfeiting something sacred; trying to suck out the honey of something that isn't yours and never was.  Therein lies the boundry of inspiration and parasitic theft.  Modern drummers have that harder hitting crutch, whereas the melody of simple pop song dynamics treated the drums in the full spectrum as united with the bass and piano, instead of one being the strict backbone of another.